Marketing Orientation

Marketing Orientation is more than just deciding on a new advertising campaign. Another Way works with our clients to understand how the market, ‘the customer’, impacts the way the entire organisation works. From new product development to customer service excellence, from external trends to internal resource planning – Another Way uses data to drive decisions about attracting the ideal customer to spend more, to refer more, to increase frequency of interaction. Often the answer is in the data that already exists in your business.

Staff Mindsets

Even the best growth plans will sometimes fail because our collective staff mindset cannot or will not shift with the business’ ambition. At Another Way we never leave staff out of the equation. We work with staff to help them believe in the seemingly impossible, to discover solutions to challenges that they cannot see, to unlock creativity and innovation and to help to destroy pervasive negative attitudes that hinder organisational growth and excellence.

Innovative Technologies

Every business nowadays is a data business. The data in your business can unlock revenues, efficiencies, cost savings, new customers, staff performance and much much more. The great news is that the cost and difficulty of deploying smart technologies to gain these benefits has decreased enormously in recent years. Understanding your data needs now and planning strategically for the future can guarantee competitive advantage in the years to come.

Recruitment & Jobs

We help our clients find the best talent to fulfil their objectives. We specialise in international recruitment of tech talent. AWLD works on a role by role basis or on retained search. We manage search, relocation and transition for our clients. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you find and recruit top talent email us at See our current opportunities here.

Investment & Capital

Another Way works with HNWIs and funds from Asia to Europe. We help our clients to connect the dots from capital need to direct capital investment. Sometimes an injection of capital or the right investor partner can make all the difference for ambitious growth focused organisations. If you are looking to raise capital or you are interested in exciting investment opportunities in SE Asia and the EU please contact us to discuss more.

Web Design & Hosting

Your website is more than just your ‘store window’ – nowadays websites are lead generating, data gathering, market intelligence machines – what does your website do for ongoing strategy? Many of our clients use our web design and hosting solutions to ensure that their efforts in marketing orientation and innovative technologies are fully integrated with their client facing websites.